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One of their smaller projects has been one of their more successful in the form of the Stealth operator Holster system. Now that the term Operator has been played out in both the media and gun community the name is a bit dated, but the holsters aren’t.

The Phalanx Defense Holster system is truly exciting and one of the few times that the universal rule of universal holsters suck isn’t true is with the Phalanx Defense holster. This is a Kydex holster that is somewhat universal. It accommodates over 150 guns, with all of them being automatics.

It works with most Glocks, polymer frame CZs, most Walthers and many more. It’s the only holster I’ve ever seen that can accommodate both a CZ P09 and a Walther PPS without modification. They produce the holster both an OWB and an IWB design in both full size and compact models.

The Phalanx Defense Stealth operator is also a very well made holster and I own four different designs in both IWB and OWB configurations. The oldest one I have is three years old, and it has had zero issues, even when used for daily carry.

Even the OWB design is made for concealed carry. It clings tight to the body and conceals easily, even with a full sized gun, under a simple T-Shirt. Related Article: 10 Best Appendix Holsters (Ranked by a Marine)I live in Florida, so a T-shirt is worn for 90% of the year.

The design uses passive retention and has a nice click every time you holster the gun. The full sized model has a full-sized sweat guard that protects you from the gun and the gun form you. Ultimately this is an extremely comfortable OWB design that’s perfect for the guy who likes to carry a variety of firearms.

Inside the valuables cabinet are 4 large padded shelves that are removable. Both sides are protected by a full-sized steel door and protected by a key coded 3 point locking system with a double-bitted lock. Mounting holes are incorporated into the back of the unit so that it can be securely fastened to the wall of your choice.

There isn’t a flange, however, so a flush mounting isn’t in the design. Since it weighs just 100 pounds, it could conceivably be stolen under the right circumstances. Fort KnoxThe primary feature of this particular safe is the heavy duty nature of its construction. Made from 3/16” 10 gauge steel, you won’t be able to open up this safe unless you use an acetylene torch or you punch in your access code.

The Simplex mechanical locking device features a push-button design that will quickly open thanks to the gas-strut assisted door. For this size of a pistol box, you will struggle to find a safer solution. The bottom line is this: you’re going to get what you pay for.

Many might see the price point of this Fort Knox gun safe and cringe, but it is a great safe that will last a lifetime and has a warranty that proves it. V-LineWhen you’re shopping for the best gun safe, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice versatility for security.

A gun safe should be able to mount on a wall or floor in the best possible way for your home. It should open in such a way that your firearms are properly protected. Other features include a whistle, which can scare away bears and other wildlife, a mirror that can be used for signalling in emergencies, and the hose of the straw can be used as a tourniquet for first aid.

Pros: • Can drink water directly from source: no bottle required • Extra features like whistle and signalling mirrorCons: • More awkward than a built-in filter or pumpSawyer Products Mini Water Filtration SystemLike the Survival Hax Water Filter, this is another straw filtration system. However, this product comes with a water bottle that fits the filter, but it works in exactly the same way.

The straw sits on the outer part of the water bottle, not inside. Since it’s made specifically for this bottle, the straw screws on perfectly. The straw is made to fit any standard drinking bottle, so if you prefer a different bottle, that option is available.

This is the lightest filter on our list so far at 3. 52 ounces. 99. 9% of bacteria like salmonella, cholera, and E. coli will be cleaned from your water using this filter. This filter is capable of filtering around 5 to 10 gallons of water without being “backwashed,” a method of cleaning.

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