How Did It Go?

You can even check some of the FRS GMRS radio reviews, talking about the reality of the range coverage, before you get to purchase any one product from the same center. Battery servicesI think that you must research for the best battery service while looking for a two-way radio.

Before you listen to my personal experience, I would want you to do your bit of research as well. All in all, it is hard to find fault with this top quality shooting gloves. Because of the cartridge’s versatility, there is plenty of ballistic data available to help us understand what the bullet will do when it leaves the barrel.

Let’s consider just hypersonic and subsonic rounds in general terms. With a common hypersonic round with a 130-grain projectile, the bullet starts to drop considerably after 150 yards. We can expect about 20 inches of vertical bullet drop by 200 yards. This performance makes .

300 BLK a capable hunting or military round for engagements within 200 yards. These loads are often said to have capabilities similar to the AK47. While the round does have acceptable energy beyond 200 yards, judicious marksmanship becomes a challenge. Heavier subsonic rounds are often fired from short barrels with suppressors.

220 grain projectiles offer performance similar to . 45 ACP pistol rounds, while offering the control and capacity of a rifle. Most of us are aware of the ability of a 220 grain pill to terminate game or adversaries, performance drops off quickly after 100 yards.

It’s next to the illumination knob so it’s a little hard to turn. I also prefer numbers or another type of visual indicator for distance… Strike Eagle starts off with 20 and then some differently spaced hash marks until infinite. Magnification ring was nice and smooth but also on the heavier side…

’re not going to be switching magnifications quickly. Overall fit and feel is good. It’s still a Vortex after all. Here’s a quick video of me going over the scope:I went with 30mm Warne Extended Mount which were easy to install and held zero even when I was taking the scope on and off a couple times.

How did it go? It was one of my first tests so I made sure to reconfirm zero… ’s why there’s two holes in the center. This was done at 100 yards with my DTA SRS which is at least a half-MOA rifle (will shoot under 1/2 an inch at 100 yards).

Great entry point long range scope with decent glass…

Overall very good…all the shots are within the red squares. Comes with an illuminated reticle… 0-11 without OFF positions next to each number. It works. Keep in mind that illuminated reticles are not daylight bright… Great entry point long range scope with decent glass… 2. Vortex Viper PST II 5-2550The Viper PST II is definitely clearer than the Strike Eagle.

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