Why shouldn’t you reuse Passwords?

During our school days, whenever someone in our class got the same name as ours then it would have us quite frustrated. Better yet, there even came a time when someone by mistake identified me as someone else. Such cases are never fun to handle with and usually end up in confusion.

Similarly, when it comes to using of your password on the nearly countless social media websites, mobile apps and banking accounts that you generally log into every day by using the same password which may be convenient but note that it is basically a bit ‘dangerous’.

The problem of reusing the password!

  • Mostly, the idea of reusing a password has been in the minds of many people across the world. Although, reusing a password across different levels poses a looming problem, one that could be quickly unwrapped is that if a hacker can compromise your reused password.
  • If by chance a hacker or cyber crook was able to steal a ‘reused password’, then sadly they would have access to your many accounts which will lead to providing them unadulterated access to steal emails, banking accounts and social networking profiles.
  • In actual, none of us want to remember multiple numbers of passwords, which is one of the main reasons for commonly reusing the password. Personally speaking, there is no doubt that just reusing the same password is an easy task but being inherently lazing in doing so will imply bad consequences if ever a reused password was to get in the wrong hands.

Solution to this problem!

  • Major solution to leave reusing a password is using a ‘Password management system or application’. While using a password manager, you will be able to influence many features provided in a password management application where you’ll be able to put many different passwords and then use them whenever it is necessary.
  • Note that a password manager would permit the use of one single master password to access plenty of accounts.
  • As most password manager applications do not allow servers or any staff to have access to the master password selected by the user that’s one of the significant reason behind using one strong master password on a password manager rather than using one single password to access multiple accounts.
  • Moving further, a master password is never transmitted over the internet so hackers will not be able to directly access accounts through a web browser or Internet accessed mobile applications.
  • By countless companies and organizations throughout the internet, the importance of never reusing the same password is strongly stressed upon.

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